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Maximising the development impact of the renewable energy sector


Embedding IPP SED/ED activity in the wider development environment 


Planning catalytic projects to put the Northern Cape on a positive development path


Enabling co-operation between IPPs and across social and economic sectors 

This site is an introduction and background to the project and presents some of the findings and recommendations

The Story

The Project

The project ran from September to December 2020. It was the design phase of a programme to enable collaboration for maximum development impact in the IPP sector. It was oriented around the operations of Mainstream Renewable Power close to Springbok and Scatec Solar close to Upington.

The project set out to analyse the current socioeconomic environment in these areas, to identify high impact areas for development and optimise IPP SED and ED spend accordingly for long term sustainable and inclusive growth. 


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Project Highlights

  • A new way to handle IPP SED/ED geography

  • Promoting collaboration between IPPs and development partners

  • Formulating long term development paths

  • Enabling communities to participate

Change in approach

  • R34,7 billion of combined IPP SED, ED and Community Trust funds can be leveraged for local development 

  • Funds can drive sustainable growth from existing, under-utilised social and natural resources 

Resources available to drive development

  • Life expectancy lags similar regions like Botswana and Namibia 

  • Declining rates of capital investment limit secondary economic development

  • Identified need for inclusive growth policies and coordinated action

Lagging regional performance

  • Building community and government capacity development frameworks

  • Identifying critical interventions 

  • Engagement with NGOs and Community Based Organisations

Engaged with NGOs and CBOs

  • Identified 36 cross sector projects balanced for growth, employment and local ownership

  • 8 immediately implementable projects

  • 14 social interventions

Pipeline of projects

  • Engagement with project level strategic development partners

  • Additional sources of public and private capital identified to unlock large scale investments

Implementation partners engaged

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