Umoya Dryers

Unlock the potential of your farm with the power of the sun
Many crops can be converted to high-value products on the farm while simplifying challenges with quality, transport, and market access.
Drying is a recommended food preservation method by FAO

Super product processing

Drying fruits and vegetables at the farm has many benefits:


Long shelf life and simplified storage and transport

A good alternative to capture value when the fresh market is low

A way to capitalize on seasonal overproduction

A means to make high value products and ingredients for new customers

More income

Less waste

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Umoya dryers are designed to meet the needs of farmers large or small in solutions  optimised for investment size and operating costs

The Polycarbonate tunnel structure is robust and creates a clean process environment

For heating, we use the sun to avoid high electricity costs

The process is monitored and controlled by sensors and fans

Modular dryer design

Combinations of dryers for different farm types and sizes enable product control in a supply network


6 - 40 kgs

Dryer - mini.jpg

<0.5 hectares

Small farms, technology introduction, pre-drying or full drying


50 - 200 kgs

Dryer - Medium.png

<3 hectares

Larger farm or co-operative

Some specialization

Pre-drying or full drying


400 - 1,000 kgs

Dryer - factory.tif

>3 hectares / aggregation point

Commercial farm or aggregation point

Highly specialized controls

Full drying to specs and packing to ship

The dryer design is changeable in size and the combinations of features to address site and product-specific requirements

Sizes range from a 3 square metre dryer suitable for very small plots or gardens, to dryers up to 12 metres long and 4 wide able to process multiple tonnes of fresh material per day

The following diagram shows the main elements of the dryer design and options for tailoring solutions from receiving fresh raw material and wet processing, through drying and control to dry preparation and packing

Dryer modules.JPG