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raising incomes
making markets

Scaled Impact is a not-for-profit project development company. We run projects on our own account and with partner companies and organisations to drive social development activities combining commercial and development impact.

Our Vision

Transforming rural economies, creating thriving industries

Our Approach

Building and scaling commercial development projects across Africa to reach critical mass

Our Impact

Raising household incomes by increasing local value-creation and capture

Our Work

Sable Starch

We're building a state-of-the art pea protein processing facility in Malawi. This will help satisfy the world's growing demand for alternative protein and secure incomes for over 300 000 rural farmers.

Image by Boudewijn Huysmans

Biodiversity is collapsing worldwide as a result of overpopulation, over-consumption and unsustainable farming practices. The existing interventions are not enough to combat the eventual total collapse and have only served to slow it down. We are developing a fully integrated economic approach to managing eco-systems, defining biodiversity economic value and, restoring and protecting biodiversity with the people in it. 


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Biodiversity regulation

Regulation of farming, trade and finance to protect ecosystems is starting to gain momentum. The European Union's Deforestation Regulation is a decisive move to protect forests through commodity trade controls. Commodity trade patterns, prices and human rights will all be affected by biodiversity protection. Our research paper considers the risks and paths to successful implementation.

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