Umoya Foods

An African super foods business
Finding and sourcing highly nutritious indigenous African ingredients from small farmers
Developing them into great products that help our customers get healthy, stay healthy and keep feeling great

Super products

The Umoya Foods team has designed a set of super food smoothie mixes that are the best thing we have seen anywhere (so we think)

These mixes have great combinations of minerals and vitamins with anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, immune system boosting and relaxation properties


The minerals in Amaranthus also promote nutrition absorbtion. This means the body absorbs well and you get the full benefit of a high nutrition diet

Amaranthus combined with Baobab powder and ginger gives a fine post-work out recovery mix. Mixed with turmeric it maximizes healing properties. Mixed with raw cacao it provides a healthy late-afternoon stimulating pick-me-up 

Umoya is now available in all the best health food cafes and stores across South Africa. It is available online and arriving in Europe soon


New products are in the pipeline and we are increasing the number of ways we help people create healthy diets. Super foods are an essential in our modern way of eating where we do not get enough vitamins and minerals from normal food

Local production

Umoya Foods is supplied by an integrated drying and processing technology solution, developed by Scaled Impact that is sized to small farms


On a plot of two or three hectares a farmer can now produce high quality ingredients that meet food industry quality requirements and can be sold worldwide

With a number of processing units a farmer or group of farmers can have a full dried foods business that creates more value than selling raw products

Post harvest loss can be up to a half of production. By drying and storing farmers can reduce this a lot and protect more value

Finally, drying means big savings in the weight, volume and cost of transport. By removing up to 90% of the weight of the product all of these are reduced as are carbon emissions from transport

Scaled Impact is working on solutions for widespread drying on small farms across southern Africa