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Fellowship Programme 2023


We are looking for five fellows to join us from May 2023.

This is a mid-career opportunity for people working in the private or public sectors and would like an introduction to the development world. Some years’ experience in industry is necessary to apply.

The base duration of the programme is 12 weeks. This can be extended to reflect fellows’ availability and programme structuring. This is not a compensated position, but all costs will be reimbursed, and a fellowship could result in employment.

Our fellowship can be undertaken at any location, so remote working is possible and preferred.

Programme areas are driven by our current activities and potential new areas of work for Scaled Impact. The exact scope and outputs will be defined together with fellows.

2023 Topics

Commercial and Impact Value of Solar Manufacturing in South Africa

The purpose is to understand and analyse the commercial case and development impact of localising parts of the renewable energy value chain. Considering the energy crisis and high unemployment faced by South Africa.

Agri-business Export Opportunities From South Africa to the EU

The purpose is to analyse the export market and opportunities for small-scale farmers in South Africa to the EU. Understanding the product specifications, the regulatory environment, and other risks and mitigations for food exports. Then develop an export toolkit and manual for agri-businesses.

Solar Dryers for Small-Scale farmers: Business Development Opportunities Across the Broader African Context 

The purpose is to understand and analyse the available markets for solar dryers beyond South Africa and the cost-benefits for small-scale farmers in other African countries. Outcomes of the analysis will inform the development of our solar dryers’ venture.

Scaled Impact European Market Strategy

This is an internal strategy project to develop and roll-out a European market expansion for Scaled Impact. This is to discover how we position our business across different EU markets by theme: agri-business, decarbonisation and biodiversity.

Data Management, Planning and Structuring

This is an internal operational project to identify and classify the types of data we are collecting by activity and design a structure for collection and organisation of this data into a useable system.


What other fellows have to say

The fellowship was an incredible learning experience, it afforded me the opportunity to take time to learn about parts of the development world that are usually rushed over in our formal education: social change and management. I feel it added so much to my professional experience. I met phenomenal mentors who helped me apply what I’ve learned over the years to a professional work setting. I was exposed to global topics in development, and access to approaches to problem solving that are practical and usable in any work environment. I thoroughly enjoyed my time and would encourage anyone who wants to solidify their application of research to real world challenges to consider it

Murendeni Makhavu


to be a 

To apply send your CV and a short letter of introduction to yourself, and your preferred topic. Tell us why you have chosen this topic and why you think it’s an important problem to solve.

Send your application to


Subject line: Your Name & Surname_SI Fellowship 2023.

E.g: Jane Smith_SI Fellowship 2023

We promote diversity. Do not include a photograph on your CV. First interviews will be by telephone.

Deadline: April 23rd 2023 17:00 CET.

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