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Our Ventures

Scaled Impact creates and develops projects that become commercial entities as standalone assets or businesses
Our current ventures are:
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Umoya Foods is a company that develops and markets functional foods out of Africa 

The ingredients are from indigenous crops, grown locally and chosen for their nutritional value, their use by small farmers and their robustness against climate change

Umoya creates functional foods, driving product development, marketing and channel management and helping end customers understand the benefits

Umoya develops and provides drying and processing technologies that are sized to small farms to help: capture value locally, reduce on-farm waste and minimize transport costs and emissions

Umoya dryers builds and promotes on-farm solar and hybrid drying technology specifically designed for rural farmers in Africa

Drying crops on the farm reduces post-harvest loss and significantly simplifies cost and complexity on the route to market. It gives farmers the opportunity to add value on site and raise more income

We structure feasibility and implementation projects both setting up the technology and supporting farmers in finding markets for their dried products

Processing plant.JPG

Sable Starch Limited Malawi

Scaled Impact is developing a project in Malawi to build a world scale starch plant.

Current status: feasibility studies have closed. The product characteristics as well as operating and financial performance are all positive.

The Environmental and Social Impact Assessment is running on a site in southern Malawi. Offtake and financial structuring is running. The team is preparing to begin front end engineering. 

Details are available on request.

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