Our Research & Advice

Scaled Impact conducts projects on its own and on behalf of clients to do deeper research into a theme, clarify a question or structure an operation to benefit a community
Our approach is strongly economics-driven
Examples of our work:
Understanding constraints to the Ugandan Arabica coffee sector


  • Uganda has the highest concentration of coffee farmers in the world, but premiums from the sector are not as high as other East African countries

  • Identifying quick wins and long-term changes, this project explored the lack of market awareness of Ugandan coffee and the opportunities to raise production quality and volumes

  • Recommendations included developing a unique brand for coffee produced in Uganda, establishing a market mediator between local and international players and rolling out washing stations in the west

Realizing the development potential  of the global mining sector


  • The mining industry spends half a trillion US$ every year worldwide on host-country staff, local procurement and community investments

  • Countries with mining industries perform better on the Sustainable Development Goals than those without

  • The risks of being drawn into conflict or causing environmental damage are acute, but can be managed over the total mine lifecycle

  • The report identified strategies to maximize mining's development impact, matching engagements to the right levels of development and governance capability

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